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Marylands School Case Study

As part of the investigation into abuse in the care of the Catholic Church the Inquiry will investigate events that occurred at Marylands School in Christchurch. Marylands was a residential school for boys, including many with learning disabilities, run by the Catholic religious order the Hospitaller Brothers of St John of God, from the 1950s to 1984.

This paragraph and much of the content on this page is drawn from the page 'Marylands School' on the Royal Commission's website. Please visit their website for full information.

What is being investigated

The Royal Commission will investigate the nature and extent of abuse that occurred at Marylands, why it happened, and the impacts of abuse that may have occurred at the hands of priests, religious or lay employees of the Church. It will investigate whether there are any systemic, structural or other factors which contributed to the abuse occurring and the adequacy of the response by the Catholic Church to allegations of abuse.

These accounts, combined with those of many other victims and survivors of abuse in the care of the Catholic Church, at Marylands or elsewhere, will help the Royal Commission to make findings about what happened and why, and any appropriate recommendations for change.

Scope of the investigation into Marylands >

Public Hearing

A Public Hearing is expected to run from 22 - 29 November, but this date might change due to COVID alert levels.

More information about the Public Hearing will be shared here when made available. You can visit the Royal Commission's page on Public Hearings for general information about their hearings.

More information

We'll share more information on this page as the case study progresses.

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